Testimonial from Mr Roberts-Baxter

We are happy when our customers are happy, so it comes with much delight to share this testimonial from a very happy customer!

Dear Mr Anton Ketz

During the second week of March 2014 I was down in Cape Town on business and called at your premises in Paarden Eiland, I was looking for suitable rubber matting that could be used at the back of my double cab bakkie,

I spoke to Ricardo who showed me samples of various products and we discussed the pro’s and cons of each, I did not have a clear idea of what I was looking for and was grateful for his patience, advice and extensive product knowledge, eventually I decided on some matting which had to be joined with cable ties, glued and cut to fit, Ricardo kindly offered to do this for me.

This task was handed over to Asanda and I must admit I was more than just a little worried about getting the correct shape and the joining, I was however needlessly concerned, he got the shape absolutely spot on and then when it came to joining the two mats and acting on his own initiative added some super glue before tying the cable ties, it might be considered a small thing but we now live in an age when sloppy work and jobs half done are the norm. What also impressed me was the way he added the cable ties, I am a perfectionist to the point of being a pain and if someone had fixed eight ties all at differing distances apart it would have driven me crazy…Asanda spaced them all equally (without me saying anything) and I was most grateful.

These two individuals were like a breath of fresh air to me and I wish to place on record my sincere appreciation for their kind assistance, advice and attention to detail. This is not just a reflection on them as individuals and their attitude to the job but also how the business is managed as a whole and all of you are to be complemented.

Please convey the contents of this mail to them.

Many thanks again and kind regards.

Mr B P Roberts-Baxter